Nieuwendammerdijk 453

This extension is a contemporary counterpart to the original fisherman’s cottage on the dike. Old an new together create a whole which exploits the height differences of the terrain to offer a more complete experience of the surroundings.
The original dike house was turned into a state monument to preserve the pitoresque qualitites of the Nieuwendammerdijk. This monument contains the living room with commanding views of the riverlandscape beyond the dike: nature as a panorama. As a polar entity the kitchen is situated in a new glass volume in the garden. With it’s base slighlty sunken into the ground it offers a more intimate relation with its natural surroudings.

The monument existst of a lightweight wooden construction on the dike level which rests on a masonry base on the garden level. For its counterpart we proposed a contruction made of solid wooden walls which hoovers above a glass volume.

The vertical axis is repositioned inside a glass volume in the space between the old and the new house. In the middle of this space a bookcase rises from which a flight of stairs and the steps of bridge protrude. Extending on both sides of the storage structure untill just before the glass the bridge and stairs offer a floating sensation inbetween the monumental and the modern.  

location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
client private
size 160 sqm
project 2015-2015
construction 2015-2016
collaboration Studio Appelo, Bouwkundig
engineering Richard Fielt, B2CO
construction Delta BV
sustainability S&W Consultancy, Vlissingen
photography Matthieu van Ek